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Preschool Nursery Children & The Benefits of Gardening

Preschool Nursery Children & The Benefits of Gardening

09 November 2021

Being outdoors is great for children. It is a well-known fact that pre-school nursery children love being outdoors and being active keeps them fit and healthy.

Gardening offers so many fun and interesting learning opportunities. A real chance to connect with the world around them. Learning about the different species of plants, what they need to grow and how the different seasons and weather can affect them.

It also offers opportunities to learn about different shapes, colours and the different animals/ insects they might come across.

Gardening engages the senses and develops skills without children even realising. They can feel the texture of the soil, seeds, flowers and petals. They get to see the colourful petals and smell the amazing flower scents.

Digging, lifting, carrying and sieving develop hand and eye coordination and build physical strength. Developing these important motor skills helps to improve their academic skills such as writing and cutting.

Understanding where your food comes from in the process of growing, harvesting and cooking engages children and promotes healthy eating. Preschool Nursery Children will feel a sense of achievement harvesting their own food which in turn will promote a child’s interest in eating them.

Creating good food habits early on will help towards encouraging healthier lifestyles throughout their lives.

Gardening together provides many extended learning opportunities, including seasons, weather, life cycles, animals and minibeasts.

Numeracy and literacy skills are developed. Using descriptive language to describe colours and shapes. Numeracy skills strengthened by counting petals, leaves and seeds.

Gardening together can be a very sociable activity, encouraging team work co-operation and strengthening relationships.

With the ever changing seasons and the learning opportunities the natural environment brings, gardening really is a year round activity which can be enjoyed by all.

Abbey Wood Grange encourages our children to visit our garden to learn about nature. Read other benefits of sending your child to nursery and how it helps them develop into wonderful people!