South Croydon Nursery Ofsted Report for Abbey Wood Grange

Our Latest Ofsted Review

At our South Croydon Nursery, Abbey Wood Grange, we had an Ofsted inspection in September 2017 and are very happy to report that the inspector reported we have a rigorous recruitment procedure and that staff are positive role models, well qualified and experienced.

Staff are praised for their positive relations with parents and the effective way in which they communicate ensuring continuity of development.

The inspectors reported that children learn successfully from the start and that children's individual needs are met and enhanced through effective observations, assessments and planning.

The inspection praised the outdoor learning opportunities and the provision of healthy and nutritious meals ensuring children learn how to lead healthy lifestyles.

The inspection required us to make improvements within the following areas.

'The Management Team does not ensure that all staff have a secure understanding of the 'Prevent' duty guidance, as required'

The Management Team had completed Prevent Duty training in March 2017 and as of December 2017 all staff have completed Prevent Duty Training. As an additional measure safeguarding questionnaires devised by our Safe Guarding Officer are now completed at staff meetings every 3 months.

'Staff do not follow appropriate hygiene routines when providing bedding for children requiring sleep. their practice does not minimise the risk of the spread of infection'

Although no concerns have been raised at previous inspections, we immediately implemented individual bed bags where children will now keep their own blankets and sheets. All bedding is washed a minimum of once a week, more frequently if required and mattresses are cleaned with anti-bacterial spray before and after every use.

'The Management Team does not reflect on its practice well enough to identify all areas for development, to improve the overall quality of the provision to benefit children'

Implementation of room observations now take place once a week, meaning that in a 4 week period every age group will be observed by a member of management with findings recorded and fed back to the staff team.

Our Nursery SEF ( Self Evaluation Form ) has now been updated online and monthly management SEF discussions take place along with staff contributions that are recorded at staff meetings.

'On occasions, staff do not take the opportunity to include children who are quieter in the setting in some activities they provide'

All staff now have daily conversations during morning setup, discussing the days activities to ensure every child is able to embrace every opportunity available to them.

Thank you to all our parents who were interviewed and to our staff team who continue to offer exceptional care.

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