Ofsted Report

Our Latest Ofsted Review

Ofsted carried out a full inspection of the setting on Thursday 15th November 2022 and reported the following:

  • Overall effectiveness GOOD

  • The quality of education GOOD

  • Behaviour and attitudes GOOD

  • Personal development GOOD

  • Leadership and management GOOD

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

All children arrive happy and ready to start their day and have fun. They enjoy good relationships with warm, caring staff who are responsive to their individual needs. Children receive lots of praise and encouragement as they explore and try new ideas and skills in their play. They enjoy opportunities to explore large outdoor spaces where they gain confidence in their physical abilities.

Children play well together and are respectful. They show compassion and care for each other. For example, they get a cold compress for a friend who has a small bump. Mealtimes are social occasions. Children join in with conversations with their friends and adults as they enjoy their healthy meals and snacks.

Leaders and managers have worked hard to make improvements. They have worked with the team to create a light, bright and welcoming atmosphere and help children feel at home. The curriculum has clear aims for what leaders want children to learn, and staff plan well-thought-out activities to support children’s learning and development.

Parents speak of a close community at this nursery and how happy their children are. They find staff approachable and caring. Staff build strong relationships with parents and work closely with them to understand children’s needs. Parents appreciate the advice and support they receive.

Leaders and managers create a positive working environment. They are very hands-on in their role, and staff feel well supported and listened to by them.

Regular team meetings and supervision help the team reflect on practice and identify areas for improvement. Managers are receptive to change and are committed to the ongoing development of the provision.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Managers have introduced new risk assessments. Thorough safety checks are made every morning. Staff have a clear understanding of safeguarding and child protection, including whistle-blowing. They know how to report their concerns.

Managers ensure they keep their knowledge up to date with regular training and in-house conversations. There is a clear mobile phone policy in place. This is well understood by staff, and they know the procedure to follow if this is breached. A large majority of staff are paediatric first-aid trained. They have good knowledge of how to deal with any accidents, injuries or illnesses. Managers have robust recruitment procedures in place to ensure that only suitable staff are employed.

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