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Nursery near me – A first-time Mum’s experience finding a Nursery

Nursery near me – A first-time Mum’s experience finding a Nursery

22 October 2020

As a first-time mum Iooking for childcare, I naively searched nurseries near me and was immediately overwhelmed by the many, many choices.

Not only did I now face the daunting prospect of leaving my baby, but now I faced the enormity of making the right decision.

My nurseries near me search had listed some nurseries and Pre-schools that weren’t near me at all but out of those listed I made a short list of ones within my search area.

Nurseries near me in South Croydon

After looking at their websites and researching what makes a good nursery, I decided that I wanted a nursery near me that could offer me a professional service but my child a fun learning experience, one that was well established and with a long-standing staff team.

I was advised by my mummy friends to go with my gut instinct and that I would get a feeling and would just know when I had found the right nursery near me.

I didn’t want to feel like I was entering a contract. And I wanted my preschool nursery to feel like an extension of my family, my home. After all I was leaving a part of me in a new environment and it had to feel right.

From the moment my husband and I were welcomed into Abbey Wood Grange we were shown compassion, all our questions were answered and nothing was too much trouble. I left feeling like I already had a connection and was confident that my child and I would be happy at Abbey Wood Grange.

Nurseries near me happy family

We have now been at Abbey Wood Grange for a few months and it has definitely been the right decision for us. I never thought I would feel so happy or confident leaving my baby with someone else but I can honestly say it feels like I’m leaving her with family happy in the knowledge that she is receiving exceptional care, learning and having lots of fun. Nothing has been too much trouble and all the daily information and updates ensure I feel like a part of my baby’s nursery day.

I have and will continue to recommend Abbey Wood Grange, the nursery near me to all!