Preschool Nursery Article Winter Health Check

During the winter months we are 80% more likely to get a cold, here are some survival tips on how to keep you and your family healthy.

  • We can help keep our children healthy by providing a balanced and varied menu rich in fruit, dairy and vegetables. Milk and dairy-rich produce such as cheese and yoghurts are a great sources of protein and vitamins A + B12, these vitamins help to boost your immune system.

Keeping hydrated and drinking water also helps to loosen mucus during a cold and replenish lost fluids during a fever.

Although the weather is cold and miserable fresh air and exercise play a vital part in keeping germs at bay. Studies have shown that exposure to cold or damp weather does not increase your chances of catching a cold. Fresh air also helps to boosts immunity and strengthens bones.

Washing hands is vital, as during the day your child touches 100’s of objects. Washing hands with soap and warm water at mealtimes, after toileting, as well as frequently throughout the day will help to wash any bugs away. Encouraging your child not to touch their eyes and nose will also help to protect them from germs, the unwashed human hand is covered in thousands of germs and when a child rubs their nose or eyes they deposit germs directly onto their mucous membrane, where they are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Most fevers are caused by an infection or other illness.

Fever helps your body to fight infections by stimulating the body's natural defences. By increasing the body's temperature, a fever makes it harder for the bacteria and viruses that cause infections to survive.

Here are some advice and tips on how to cope with common winter bugs and illnesses

*please note that this is not medical advice and if you have any concerns please consult professional advice.

When suffering from sickness and diarrhea the following tips can help to ensure a speedy recovery:

  • Offer plain foods like toast etc.

  • Bananas help to bind

  • Limit dairy no yoghurts, cheese etc.

  • No citrus

  • Diluting milk or formula 50/50

  • Rice water contains starch and sugar, which can help to settle the tummy.

Rice Water recipe

2 hands full of rice, 4 cups of water and boil for 20 mins, strain water through a sieve. Offer sips of water throughout the day, the water can be kept for up to 24hours in a fridge.

When suffering from a Cold the following tips can help to ensure a speedy recovery:

  • Steam will help to ease congestion when running a bath close the door to let the steam build.

  • Olbas oil or baby Karvol will also help to ease congestion (always read the label and follow instructions and advice given)

  • Offer food and drink little and often, children may prefer to eat colder, easier to eat food such as jelly, yoghurt, ice cream etc.

  • Raising a child’s mattress at sleep time can help to ease a cough and aid a restful night.


When suffering from a raised temperature the following tips can help to ensure a speedy recovery:

  • Keep the room well ventilated and loosen clothing but do not deliberately cool down the child

  • Temperature over 38oc treat with either calpol or nurofen (always read the label and follow instructions and advice given)

  • Offer plenty of fluids throughout the day and night to ensure hydration 

Following these guidelines can help to keep your family healthy and happy throughout the winter.

Abbey Wood Grange has an infection control policy which helps to keep staff children and their families safe and healthy throughout the year.

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