The Re opening of Abbey Wood Grange

On the 1st June we re opened our doors and began to welcome back our children and like every other industry procedures had to be changed and new stringent hygiene and distancing measures put in place. Prior to opening the Management Team along with Sue and Vince had meetings to discuss how a return would be possible. Together we undertook the mammoth task preparing for opening to ensure we could offer a safe and welcoming environment to not only the children but the staff and parents too.

Once plans had been finalised we communicated this to our staff in order to reassure them as much as possible and also to answer any questions or concerns that they had.

During the closure we all kept in contact via a group whatsapp, keeping spirits up with daily conversation, jokes and photos. Its cliche to say but we really are like a family and did miss seeing each other daily.

We are delighted to say that those who have returned have settled back extremely well. Its amazing how quickly the children adapt to the new normal and although there have of course been a few tears leaving mummy and daddy once in their classrooms its like they have never been away engaging in play and enjoying a variety of activities including gardening, painting, craft and construction. We are so proud of the way the children have returned and believe this highlights just how much they love and enjoy nursery.

In the mornings after having their temperature checked and shoes sprayed with Dettol the children have the option of choosing a picture to take into their room to colour. This has provided a point of conversation and a distraction method when coming in, in the mornings.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all the overwhelming support we have received from our parents either via email or on the phone since we have returned. It really means a lot and reconfirms the truly special bond we have with all our parents and children.

This month we should have celebrated our 30th Birthday and although over the years at AWG we have dealt with many different scenarios, Olivia, Lisa and Cheryl have a combined AWG service of over 65 years and often joke that they could write a book! No one however could have envisioned having to adapt and deal with something like this but AWG is a unique and special place built on a mutual respect of love, passion and dedication and not even a worldwide pandemic will stop us!

We look forward to the future and dealing with with whatever comes our way, as a Team like we always do.

The Abbey Wood Team