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How to stay healthy during the Winter months….

During the winter months colds and viruses are more prominent bringing misery and upset to children and adults. But is there a way in which these can be prevented?

In short, the answer is no, most winter viruses are airborne with people contagious before they develop symptoms. Therefore, moving away from those sneezing and coughing won’t unfortunately mean that you stay symptom free. Studies also show that exposure to cold and damp weather will not increase your chances of catching a cold. In fact by wrapping up and embracing the weather we may actually feel better. Fresh air helps us to sleep better, acts as a decongestant and boosts our vitamin D dosage. All of which will aid and strengthen immunity, so wrap up enjoy the fresh air and embrace the winter months.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that we will all pick up a few colds and viruses over the winter months. However with most passing within a week or so, it is important to keep things in perspective. Remember that these will ultimately strengthen immunity resulting in less sick days.

Our best form of defence is to take precautions and follow some simple advice….

Regular hand washing is the most effective way to get rid of germs. Promoting and implementing good hand washing techniques with warm soap and water are imperative in the fight against germs. Visit for hand washing tips, fun games and catchy songs.

The importance of Nursery Rhymes and catchy songs

Nursery Rhymes have been around for centuries but in today’s world children have screens everywhere they turn. With even very young children being able to operate an Ipad, does this mean the end of Nursery Rhymes?

Despite all the changes in the world, these little poems and songs have significant benefits to a child’s early development. Nursery Rhymes are the perfect first stories for babies. The bouncy rhythm catches a child’s attention and the short length means you can finish a rhyme before little hands grab the book!

As children become older and their attention span increases, they may be ready to listen for longer periods but may not be ready for a long story, making rhymes the perfect choice as you can read as many or as little as you like. An early introduction to literature and rhymes has positive effects on a child’s development, helping to bring children together.

Singing and sharing a story helps to build relations, develop imagination and strengthen communication. Early rhymes help to give children a love for books which will hopefully last a lifetime. Many rhymes have simple actions which help to bring the story to life and although simplistic in their form the actions help to strengthen manipulative skills, develop hand and eye coordination and improve muscle strength.

Nursery rhymes help prepare children for the early stages or reading, strengthening a child’s ability to hear the sounds in words and be able to identify letters.

The beginnings of learning to read are largely based around rhyming. A love for nursery rhymes opens the door to creativity with the extension of topics, craft activities and role play all based around your favourite rhyme, making the possibilities for engagement and development never ending.

The versatility of these rhymes is why they are still as popular today as they were 500 years ago!

Childcare Vouchers

We do accept vouchers from many different providers, if you are unsure what financial support you are eligable for, visit our Paying For Childcare page, or call our friendly team on 0208 660 9040. Speak to our friendly team to arrange a tour of the grounds, rooms and kitchen. Read more about the different types of Childcare.

Preschool Varied Kids Menu

Our highly trained chef and staff provide varied and nutritious food freshly cooked daily. We source produce and vegetables locally whenever we can. You can view a sample menu here.

A healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and iron rich foods as well as a good sleep pattern are key elements in supporting and developing a strong immune system. The carefully crafted menu’s at Abbey Wood Grange and Abbey Wood Lodge Pre-School ensure children have a balanced diet full of fruit, vegetables and nutrients.

Caring for a sick child can be very draining both physically and mentally but its important to remember that most viruses pass within a week or so and all of the viruses will ultimately strengthen your child’s immune system.

A sick child will need extra TLC, lots of cuddles, fluids and rest. Encourage your child to blow their nose to get rid of all the extra mucus their body is producing while they have a cold. offers advice and guidance when dealing with winter viruses.

If you are at all worried seek medical advice from your doctor or local NHS drop in centre.

Healthy Learning Habits

Encourage your child to wipe his nose with a tissue and to avoid touching their eyes and nose as germs will be deposited directly onto the mucus membrane, where they are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

Follow your nursery or school’s infection control policy, although this won’t stop viruses it will help to limit the spread of infection. You childcare setting should have a strict infection control policy in place which should be adhered to by parents and practitioners. Ensuring immunisations and follow up vaccines are up to date can help to protect against some viruses and bacteria.

Preschool Nursery South Croydon Abbeywood Grange How to stay healthy during the Winter months