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The importance of Role Play for Pre-school Children 

Imagination and creativity are powerful tools within Pre-School children; this can be instinctive in some children but need encouraging in others. Designated role play areas offer opportunities to explore both real and imaginary worlds, aiding intellectual development, social skills and creativity.

Children are encouraged to explore, investigate and experiment within a variety of both every day and fantasy situations. Role play allows the children to express and develop emotional awareness, such as compassion and empathy. It also teaches children an understanding of different perspectives and cultures.

Pre-school role play can be a valuable teaching tool enabling the children to make sense of real-life situations and develop interests in subjects such as doctors, nurses or schools. It can also aid understanding of a place they may never get to visit, such as under the sea or space.

Children can take on varying roles, challenging themselves and developing confidence while in ‘character’ in a way that they may not feel comfortable in doing so during everyday play.

Roleplay can be supported within the home environment, no matter how big or small. A simple cardboard box can be transformed into a space rocket or by merely labeling the tins in the kitchen cupboard a shop is created.

Role-play ideas can be inexpensive and adapted to suit everyone’s creative ability. The internet has many ideas to inspire, but one we use a lot at Abbey Wood is Pinterest.

At Abbey Wood pre-school, our role play areas are usually inspired by the children’s interests, ensuring they are both fully engaged and learning while having fun.

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a child’s imagination brought to life.

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