How to Register

We strongy advise you to visit our Preschool Nursery prior to registration. Upon initial enquiry you shall be invited into the nursery for a ‘showaround’. You’ll be given an extensive tour of the nursery and its grounds. Our ‘showarounds’ provide an ideal opportunity to meet our dedicated staff team and to have answered any questions that you may have. Every ‘showaround’ is tailored to accommodate your specific needs. Our aim is to ensure you leave the nursery feeling well informed and reassured.

An information pack containing registration details will be given to you on the day of your visit for you to browse through at your leisure. If you are unable to attend and would like us to send you an information pack please ring us on the above number. Alternatively click on the contact tab ( top right of the page ) and then the email address to contact us via email. Our emails are opened and responded to within 24 hours.

To arrange a visit please ring the Nursery Operations Development Manager Lisa Ongley on 0208 660 9040.

When registering your child with our Nursery we will require a £50 non-refundable registration fee, a maximum of *1months fees in advance and a maximum of *£200 holding deposit to be rerurned to you once your child leaves nursery.

*Fees in advance shall depend on the amount of days and start date required, the amount shown is a maximum

Nursery Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions – these are issued when a child is first registered with the Nursery and we reserve the right to update them at any time. Updated versions will be posted on the parent notice board in the reception area of the nursery and also in the Policy & Procedure folder in the parent area and on this website.

View the nursery Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link below.

Abbey Wood Grange Terms