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South Croydon Private Childcare Nursery Moving Home Tips

As many adults will know, moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Even if it’s a positive relocation such as moving closer to family or to a nicer house but the upheaval can be even greater if it’s for negative reasons such as a family separation or financial struggles.

It is vital that we don’t underestimate the thoughts and feelings of the youngest members of the family and that we try to include them at every stage in order to support them through the transition and lessen any distress that they may experience.

Talk to your child about the changes that will happen as early as possible for them to get used to the idea and so that you can answer any questions they may have.

It can be useful to share books with younger children as it can help them to visualise what moving is and what it may involve. Talk about both the negative and positive changes, perhaps you are moving away and they will have to leave their nursery, but they will be able to see more of their cousins.

Taking your child to visit their new home and environment such as local park or new school can help them to envisage what living their will be like, if this is not possible photographs or online resources can help familiarise them with their new environment.

It can be worrying for a child to watch all their belongings get packed away. Therefore it is important to involve your child in the process. Reassure them that their treasured items are simply being put into boxes to be taken to their new home.

The impact of moving house can vary depending on a wide range of circumstances. Your little one may be excited by their new house or scared about the change. Discuss with you child what will happen on moving day. Will they be looked after by a friend? Will they still go to nursery and then come to the new house?

It’s normal for a child to experience any of the following emotions.

  • A feeling of sadness at leaving their familiar environment, friends or family.
  • Anger because they have no control over the move, which may result in tantrums or aggressive behaviour.
  • They may regress as they adjust to unfamiliar surroundings, bedwetting or thumb sucking.
  • They may be tearful and clingy as they anticipate what their new home will be like or how they will make new friends. It is important to be calm and patient, reassuring your child that these feelings are normal.

After the move, try and get your child’s bedroom sorted first with familiar comforts (toys etc). Stick to their normal routine as much as possible as this will help your child to feel secure. Allow your child to talk about the old house and friends they have left behind, keep in contact with old friends through play dates or video calls.

Take steps towards settling into your new neighbourhood by introducing yourself to neighbours. Find out about activities/events within the area. A place for babies and children to grow.

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