Daycare Childcare and Nutrition In The Kitchen

Every child's diet is very important to us here at Abbeywood Grange, and we employ an expert children's chef on site who is a well versed dietician for children's requirements. All of our meals are carefully planned, balanced and cooked fresh daily on site in our kitchen. We cater for any special dietary need and also offer offer Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meal choices. Call us for more information on 0208 660 9040 or send over a quick message on our Contact Form.

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

Our meals take inspiration from all corners of the world and our kitchen is rated 5 out of 5 stars for Food Hygiene. Using fresh local produce wherever we can our chef offers children five portions of fruit and vegetables daily from breakfast, a rice cake nack before lunch, including a fruity afternoon snack before tea is served. If your child is with us for the full day Nursery care, we are proud to provide healthy diet regimes to cater for any allergies or dietary requirements such as dairy free, lactose intolerant etc. At all times we educate children with developing good hygiene with fun routines, ensuring table manners are observed whilst socialising and enjoying time with their friends at the table.


Socialising, Cleanliness and Positive Oral Hygiene Children are gently encouraged to wash their hands before snack and every meal time with specially chosen handwash soap at our perfect child height sinks. Whether it's meal time or learning time, we incorporate educational messages in all daily activities. We are so very lucky to have a huge kitchen which is well stocked with state of the art catering equipment and is available for inspection should you want to book a tour with us. We respect the importance of cleanliness and dental hygiene, we promote good positive oral hygiene routines for all of our children.


Children's Sample Menu Here's a sample 3 day menu - read more in depth menu and nutrition information on our Meals page. Monday Breakfast: A selection of cereals with whole milk Mid morning snack: Breadsticks and rice cakes Lunchtime: 100% cod fish fingers, peas, sweetcorn and mashed potato / Veggie & tomato dip / Rice Pudding Afternoon snack: Fresh fruit platter Afternoon tea: Crackers with ham and cucumber wedges / Apricot flapjack Tuesday Breakfast: A selection of cereals with whole milk Mid morning snack: Breadsticks and rice cakes Lunchtime: Spaghetti Bolognaise & grated cheese / Yoghurt Afternoon snack: Fresh fruit platter Afternoon tea: Cheese & tomato pizza with a variety of toppings Melon Wednesday Breakfast: A selection of cereals with whole milk Mid morning snack: Breadsticks and rice cakes Lunchtime: Chicken Paella with vegetables / Banana Afternoon snack: Fresh fruit platter Afternoon tea: Beans and wholemeal toast Apples Scone & Jam

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