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A place for babies and children to grow — At Abbey Wood Grange children's private day nursery and pre-school we provide childcare in South Croydon and the surrounding areas including Caterham, Chaldon, Chelsham, Coulsdon, Chipstead, Farleigh, Hamsey Green, Purley, Sanderstead, Whyteleafe and Warlingham. The local area is served well by regular public transport, with the Kenley railway station just a few minutes walk away.

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Free Childcare with Early Years Funding

You may be eligible for financial assistance with childcare cost through a number of initiatives in place by UK Government. Details of current schemes can be found on our Early Years Funding page. For free advice don“t hesitate to call us on 0208 660 9040.

Childcare Safety and Nursery Security

The safety of our children and staff has always been our number one priority. For example, we ensure that any photographs or recordings taken of your children in our nursery are only done with prior written permission from each child’s parent. This is gained when each child is registered and is updated on a regular basis to ensure that this permission still stands.

At Abbey Wood Grange the matter of security is regarded as one of importance for all children, staff and visitors. Our entrance door policy is very strict in order to maintain maximum safety at all times.

Nursery Entrance Area Policy

• Push button release scheme and CCTV control front entrance door from nursery office.
• All visitors must sign in
• All staff sign in and out when they are on the premises.
• The side gate and entrance to the garden are security code protected.

All staff have been instructed to follow the rules set out in this policy which is aimed at ensuring safety for everyone:

Staff will only open the door to parents who are known to them otherwise one of the management team will be called to verify who’s parents they are.
All visitors to the nursery including prospective new customers, professional external organisations or personal visitors shall be welcomed at the door by one of the management team.
Visitors from external professional agencies will be asked to sign the visitor's book and escorted to the person whom they are visiting.
Prospective new clients will be invited to the parent area.
Personal visitors will be asked to remain outside the building until the required person has been located, they will then be asked to identify the visitor.
Parents may be questioned from time to time on whom they are collecting and may be asked to remain outside the building until a member of the management team identifies them.
Also, parents may be asked to remain outside the building until a member of the management team confirms their identity.

Parents inside the building should on NO occasion open the door to any parents, visitors or other persons, even if they are known to them.

You can read the full policies and procedures on our page here.

Childrens Activities and Extra Tuition

As part of our childcare in South Croydon, Abbey Wood Grange boasts large, colourful rooms with a wide variety of choice for children to do, from sensory experiences to messy play. All of our activities follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Extracurricular activities include Music and Dance, French Lessons, Football Training and Gymnastics.

We are proud to include delicious, well-balanced meals and snacks, plus all of our menus have been checked and accredited by specialist chefs. Our experienced, friendly and highly qualified staff members are available to conduct a personal nursery tour at a time to suit you - book a tour now.

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