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Pre-school Nursery Home Learning

Pre-school Nursery Home Learning – I think the majority of parents will agree that children thrive within a structured learning environment. Whether it be a private day nursery like Abbey Wood Grange or a school, the Covid 19 pandemic has put an enormous pressure on parents to try and replicate this, due to home schooling, closures or self-isolating.

One of the most important things to realise when home-schooling is that it is not the same as mainstream and shouldn’t try to be. Both have things the other can’t offer and children will learn and embrace different positives from both situations.

Never underestimate the power of you.

You know your child like no one else. They look up to you, love to please and more importantly love to be praised. You may not have a qualification but have confidence in your ability. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You already know what motivates and excites them so tailor your approach accordingly.

Not all learning has to take place indoors and home-schooling means we can be flexible on how we deliver activities. Embrace the fresh air with lots of outdoor play and experiences just like we have here at Abbey Wood Grange pre-school Nursery. Fresh air and exercise is vital in maintaining health and positive wellbeing for both children and parents.

The increased amount of one to one time can be a great advantage and allow you to concentrate on an area of development, such as potty training, shapes numbers or letters.

Establish a timetable that suits you and not someone else. Similar to your child’s pre-school Nursery or School, routines will help children to feel secure. They can help to maintain good eating, sleeping and behavioural habits. Set the ground rules early on. Whilst it may be tempting to have a somewhat free spirited approach with lapse rules around screen time, bedtime, structure etc, it is important to understand the long term effects of this and the impact it may have when trying to re – establish a routine further down the line.

It is important that you work within your resources and abilities, there are many websites available that offer creative ways to stimulate young minds.

Home learning resources available:


These are very strange times indeed and children’s education and routines have changed in many ways. None of us are experts and some days if it all gets too much, curl up on the settee and read a book together, tomorrow is another day. The most important thing is that you and your child are safe and well.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one.