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Keep your Preschool Nursery children entertained using everyday items

The warmer weather brings hopes of freedom and fun. But with lockdown still upon us for the next few months, it can make freedom seem a long way off and life with a little one very challenging!

Thinking of continual ways to entertain our pre-school children without breaking the bank means we all need to get creative and make use of what we have indoors.

We all know that preschool nursery children are often far more entertained by the packaging than the content, so with everyday resources and a little imagination you can have hours of fun!

Top tips when planning for pre-school nursery activities:

  • The age and developmental stage of the child to ensure the activity is suitable
  • The child’s mood, a well fed and rested child will be more receptive to activities
  • Be mindful of how long you expect an activity to last, a child’s level of concentration is 1 minute per year of life

Activities are a chance to develop language and inspire imagination. By using descriptive age appropriate language we can introduce new words and excite young minds. Here are some great activities & games designed to do just that (as well as keeping your pre-school nursery children entertained whilst cooped up at home):

The Imagination Tree

Preschool nursery imagination tree
Resources needed:
Toilet/kitchen roll tubes
Colour recognition, hand and eye co-ordination

Shape Sorting

Preschool nursery shapes and colours
Resources needed:
Coloured card, sharpie, coloured shapes
Benefits: shape and colour recognition. Vocabulary development

Rainbow Rice

Preschool nursery rainbow rice
Resources needed:
Large container, rice, food colouring, scoops and funnels (sand toys)
Benefits: tactile development and fine manipulative skills

Serving Letter Cookies

Preschool nursery serving letters
Resources needed:
Plates, foam letters, baking tray and spoon
Benefits: letter recognition and fine manipulative skills

Arts & Crafts Busy Box

Preschool nursery busy box
Resources needed: paper, pens, and scissors
Benefits: mark making, fine manipulative skills and hand and eye co ordination

Balls in a Box/ Colour sorting

Preschool nursery balls box
Resources needed: box and coloured balls
Benefits: gross motor skills, colour recognition and hand and eye co ordination

Rainbow sticks/ Colour sorting

Preschool nursery rainbow sticks
Resources needed: coloured lolly sticks, box and coloured card
Benefits: colour recognition, fine manipulative skills and hand and eye co ordination

Shaving Cream Painting

Preschool nursery shaving cream
Resources needed: shaving foam and paint
Benefits: tactile development

Sensory Box Guessing Game

Preschool nursery sensory box guessing game
Resources needed: box, variety of toys/objects
Benefits: descriptive language, imagination and tactile development, memory recall

Animal Mix-up

Preschool nursery animal mixup
Resources needed: duplo, animal pictures
Benefits: hand and eye co ordination, language development, memory skills

Spider’s Web Discovery

Preschool nursery spiders wed
Resources needed: basket, string and toys
Benefits : problem solving

Cereal Stacking

Preschool nursery cheerios stacking
Resources needed: playdough, cheerios and  spaghetti
Benefits: hand and eye co ordination

Crunchy Box

Preschool nursery crunchy box
Resources needed: box, tools, cereal
Benefits: language development and gross motor skills.

Jelly Fishing

Preschool nursery jelly fishing
Resources needed: jelly, numbers, letters tweezers, bowls
Benefits: hand and eye co-ordination, letter and number recognition, fine manipulative skills

Animal Bath

Preschool nursery animal washing
Resources needed: bowls, water, brown paint, scrubbing brushes, animals, soapy water
Benefits: sensory development, self care, language development


The following websites offer a variety of inspirational activity ideas, designed to excite and engage preschool nursery children whatever your budget or time constraints: – search for activities for early years