Parents as Partners

At Abbey Wood Grange we strongly believe that children benefit and thrive in a secure loving and consistent environment and we feel that establishing strong bonds with parents from the start ensures continuity and in turn a happy and contented child.

At Abbey Wood Grange we promote a family friendly environment and open door policy where by parents can engage with carers on a daily basis ensuring everyone is well infromed to provide the best possible environment for every child.

Parents are also kept well informed via emails with weekly updates and photographs highlighting the weeks events and activities. These updates provide an excellent insight into nursery life, further developing the bond between nursery and home.

All parents and their families are invited to join in nursery celebrations such as Sports Day, Fund raising events and Picnic Outings. These events provide an ideal opportunity to get involved within nursery life and to also meet other parents.

Parents Association

At Abbey Wood Grange we have formed our own Parents Association. Meetings are held regularly and parent representatives from each room attend together with our Nursery Management Team and Directors. The main aim of our Parent Association meetings is to update and include parents in nursery issues and explore any comments and suggestions our parents may have. After a Parents Association meeting all parents receive a copy of the minutes, these are also available to view in our parents area.

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