Vision and Aims of Abbey Wood Grange Day Nursery

Vision of the nursery 

Quality service with passion at its heart, where every preschool child thrives and develops within a loving secure and varied environment

Our aim

The aim of our pre-school nursery is to provide a happy, secure, safe and stimulating environment for children, while encouraging them to develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. We promote independence and a caring and sympathetic attitude to life in general.

Our ongoing aims are 

  •  Encourage children to become more independent and feel at home in a warm, caring and secure environment.
  •  To look upon each child as an individual, taking into consideration cultures and special needs.
  •  Be committed to high quality care, offering a variety of activities to enable children to reach their development milestones. 
  •  Seeking the views and advice from our parents and making them feel welcome.
  •  Monitoring the development of the children and sharing information with parents on a daily basis
  •  Ensure our staff are continually developing their skills, through regular professional training
  •  Encourage self-discipline, self respect, perseverance and responsibility
  •  To consider the feelings and opinions of others

By the time I leave Abbey Wood Grange Day Nursery I will be a happy, confident and inquisitive learner with the necessary skills to embrace their next journey.