South Croydon Nursery Ofsted Report for Abbey Wood Grange

Our Latest Ofsted Review

At our South Croydon Nursery, Abbey Wood Grange, we had an Ofsted inspection on the 7th September 2018 and are delighted that the inspector reported we are Good in all areas. The inspector made the following observations.

Children enjoy their time at nursery. They behave well, settle quickly and enjoy positive and friendly relationships with staff and other children.

Staff provide a range of interesting activities for children to help them to develop new skills and support them to achieve their next steps in learning. All children make good progress in their learning and development.

Leaders share a strong commitment to the development of the nursery and they are passionate about improving outcomes for children.

Partnerships with parents are strong. Parents are engaged in their childrens learning from the start.

Staff support childrens healthy lifestyles well. Children enjoy fresh air and exercise in the large outdoor areas.

The inspection highlighted 2 areas in which we could improve.

Staff do not organise some daily routines effectively. During mealtimes, staff do not promote childrens learning fully because children wait for too long. this means they become restless.

Part of promoting the childrens independence is to encourage the children to serve themselves at meal times, this is done from a central table but we recognise this could mean the children wait longer than necessary. Therefore, we immediately purchased child size serving trays, spoons and platters for each table meaning children now serve themselves within their table of four.

At times, some staff do not recognise opportunities that arise to build on childrens mathematical understanding.

Every room has visual references to numeracy and the development of this is supported during a variety of daily activities, the older rooms have specific numeracy areas for the children to engage in a variety of self-motivated mathematical exploring and learning development.

To ensure we are continually offering the best learning environment for all the children, we have discussed in length at team meetings the importance of mathematical awareness during focus activities and believe that with our plan, observe, review process we will enusre the best possible learning outcomes for all the children.

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