Nursery or Childcare? Which is best for your child?

One of the biggest challenges a parent faces when they make the decision to return to work is, how do I find quality, affordable and reliable childcare?

For childcare there are lots of different options out there, nannies, childminders, au pairs, nursery schools but how many of these can you rely on to provide full time, hassle free daycare throughout the year.

What a nursery provides over home based childcare:

A nursery school offers parents flexible full time childcare, which can often be tailored to suit individual lifestyles. As well as full time day care, shorter sessions or flexible hours may suit parents who are working part time. Parents can rely on a day nursery to be open all year regardless of staff holidays or sickness.

A nursery offers an extension of the home environment where children’s self-esteem, confidence and individuality is embraced and developed. Children take steps towards being confident independent learners, undertaking valuable life skills which will serve them for life.

A nursery environment offers a safe and stimulating environment dedicated to your child’s individual needs, every day is a tailored learning opportunity with children embracing new activities and experiences.

What are the childcare benefits to children in a nursery:

Children will spend their days playing, learning and having fun with friends. They will have access to a wide range of toys and resources.

Children learn about the world around them, gaining knowledge of different cultures and beliefs and have the opportunity to celebrate different festivals.

Children develop social skills, learn to share and be part of a team all helping to develop confidence and independence.

Children learn to accept structure within their day, a vital life skill which will be of paramount importance when starting full time education.

What are the chidcare bebefits to parents in a nursery:

Parents can feel reassured that their child is being cared for by a qualified Early Years Professional with each Professional contributing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A parent’s importance is never underestimated; parents have constant contact with their child’s Key Worker with parents involved in every aspect from daily updates to big milestones such as potty training.

A good nursery should work in partnership with parents to nurture and develop every child as an individual.

The big question for parents is, would your child have the same care and attention from nannies, child minders or au pairs?

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