Nursery South Croydon – Our Childcare Facilities

Preschool Nursery South Croydon – Our Outdoor Childcare Facilities

At our South Croydon Pre-school Nursery we have four large enclosed outside facilities. Including an excellent adventure playground, which allows the children plenty of outdoor play and learning opportunities.

Why not book a tour and take a look for your self, your child will love it. Click here to book your tour.

Top Playground

Our top playground was very much designed with role play in mind. With its realistic road layout and range of vehicles. It really is the perfect space to develop road safety awareness as well as both physical and social development.

Grassed Area/Sports Field

Nursery croydon sportsfieldWe have a large grassed area where the children can run around and play with the wide range of sports and play equipment we have. The area is made up of many zones including a digging/planting area, mud kitchen, weaving looms. And the Abbey Wood Express, our very own train climbing frame.

  This area is also used for Football coaching and our annual Sports Day.

So whether its practicing your ball skills, sewing seeds, cooking up a potion or riding the train our grass area really does offer a variety of play and learning opportunities.

Our Adventure Play Area

Nursery Croydon Adventure play areaThis area is separate to the grassed area and is filled with rubber chippings for the children’s safety.

This area houses various swings and slides and a lovely pirate ship which the children adore as they can let their imagination go wild.

The Adventure playground also includes a large sand pit and Construction Zone benefitting from soft bricks, cement mixers and hard hats.

This area offers the perfect environment for problem solving and team work.

Grass Decked Play Area

Croydon Nursery Grass decked play areaWe have a large outdoor grass decked area complete with den and sorting tables, ideal for transporting natural materials.

This area can be used as an outdoor classroom environment for the children. Enabling them to have creative, messy and constructive play outdoors.

Co-operative play is encouraged within this area as this helps to develop the children’s social skills.

Green House

Nursery Croydon Green houseWe have a small greenhouse in our garden where we are able to teach our children about nature and the environment.

We show the children a variety of seeds, bulbs and vegetables, and help them to understand more about planting them, and allowing them to grow some of their own.

This gives children the responsibility for watering and observing the growth of their plants. And a larger understanding of where fruit and vegetables come from and why we grow them.

Romp Room

Our superb indoor romp room is suitable for all ages. The children are free to play in a safe soft play environment which has it’s own ball pool, where they are free to use their imaginations and create many fantasy worlds.

The room is equipped with a projector which projects visual images comprising of fire, under the sea, clouds and firework themes, excellent for learning about light and dark, shadows, colours and shapes and for experiencing environment changes.  Play is a vital part of a child’s development – how to interpret, imagine, create, interact with others, explore, develop movement and dexterity skills, be fast, slow, loud, quiet, resourceful and so on.  It provides social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Sensory Room

Our indoor sensory room provides a calm and relaxing space, offering a multi sensory environment for children of all ages.

Children have access to a variety of resources such as fibre optic lights, tactile matts, light wands and mirrors.

Sensory play supports and promotes language development, cognitive growth and problem solving.