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My time at Abbey Wood…

I remember vividly the first day I walked into Abbey Wood Grange as an enthusiastic 17 year old having just completed my CCE (Childcare and Education) at East Surrey College.

My first impressions were ones of warmth and friendliness and after a successful interview and work trial I was offered a position within the Toddler room as a Nursery Assistant. I never dreamt that nearly 20 years later I would be one of the Managers at Abbey Wood Grange supporting and guiding the new generation of Nursery Nurses. 

Within 3 years of starting at Abbey Wood Grange I gained my NVQL3 in Childcare and over the following years I worked mainly within the Baby Unit and along with my team we prided ourselves on offering new parents, reassurance, support and love within a home from home environment.

In 2006 the nursery was taken over by new Directors, Sue and Vince who have always respected our knowledge and embraced our ideas and love for the nursery. Having the opportunity to be involved at every level of the decision making process, along with a mutual respect for one another means that over the years along with an amazing and supportive staff team we really have been able to help mould Abbey Wood Grange into the amazing place it is today.

After having my own daughter in 2007, I got to experience Abbey Wood Grange from a parent’s point of view and believe that this has truly helped me to empathise and share some of the feelings and emotions experienced by new parents. 

In 2008, I undertook my NVQ Level 4 Management Training and the start of my Managerial role within Abbey Wood Grange.

I feel extremely thankful and lucky that I truly enjoy coming to work and am lucky enough to work with not just colleagues but some of my best friends. Having worked alongside Olivia and Lisa since the beginning, we now make up the Management team and our relationship really has blossomed into one of trust, love and respect. We refer to ourselves as the ‘Triangle’ and together we will always do our absolute best for our children, parents and staff.

Over the years I have gained many skills and furthered my knowledge in a variety of ways. I genuinely feel so passionate about Abbey Wood Grange and am truly thankful for all the opportunities it has given me. 

Cheryl Pepper

Nursery Manager

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