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Childcare versus Nursery Care

Children begin learning from the moment they are born.  It’s a well-known fact that small children absorb knowledge at a much greater rate than their older siblings and us, their ageing parents!

The most rapid development of a child’s brain takes place between birth and the age of two.  However, your child continues to learn and develop rapidly during the important early years. You, the parent, are your child’s first teacher.

There does however come a time when your child needs more stimulation than the immediate family can provide. Particularly if you and your partner are working, which is where pre-school nursery education really comes into it’s own.

It is widely recognised that children can benefit enormously from the social interaction that a preschool nursery education brings. As well as gaining a head start in the classroom.

Children who attend day nurseries or playgroups learn to share, be tolerant and how to behave considerately. Even if they just attend for a few hours a week. These children are likely to be more confident and outgoing when they begin school. Those who have been ‘cocooned’ in the family home for the first four years of life are generally much less use to socialising.

There are hidden benefits too  

Children who attend preschool day nursery become used to eating away from home and trying out a range of foods. So no nasty shocks when they first come face to face with a school dinner!

They may also have a wider appreciation of books and art. The classroom is often a more suitable environment for sloshing around glue and poster paints than your kitchen table. There’s certainly less mess for you to clean up.

Since the UK government introduced Early Years Funding more than a decade ago, more families have been encouraged to send their children to a day nursery prior to starting school.

Learning can give children a great start in life.  Through learning and playing with other children in a safe and structured environment. From an early age, they could have an invaluable head-start when they begin school.

This helps to ensure that they come out of the classroom much more self-confident, considerate and articulate, with well developed personalities and abilities.

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