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How To Get a Job in a Nursery

28 September 2023

Getting a job in a day nursery can be a relatively quick process. Keep in mind that while it's possible to secure a job quickly, it's important to prioritise finding a position that aligns with your qualifications, interests, and the needs of the nursery.

Nursery work requires passion and dedication and finding a nursery where you can grow and develop your skills as a practitioner can be hugely rewarding.

How to Find a Job

Finding a job at a nursery is similar to finding any job. You need to prepare your CV, search online or in your local area and apply!

Your CV

Tailor your CV to highlight any relevant experience, qualifications, or skills related to working in a day nursery. Include any certifications, education, or training in early childhood education, childcare, or related fields.

Search for Job Openings

Look for job openings in day nurseries in your area through online job portals, nursery websites, or social media platforms. Use keywords like "nursery jobs near me", "childcare job openings", or "early childhood education roles" to narrow down your search.

Apply Online

Whether you apply through an online job search or directly to the nursery, you need to submit your interest and qualifications for the position. This will be followed by the completion of the nursery job application prior to being shortlisted for an interview. You may wish to submit a cover letter outlining your interest in the position, but safer recruitment guidelines do not advise proceeding to an interview without references or application. The nursery will advise on their individual recruitment procedures.

Contact Nurseries Directly

Reach out to local nurseries directly by phone or email to inquire about job openings and express your interest. Sometimes, nurseries may have immediate vacancies that are not listed online.

After Getting an Interview

You have been successful with your application and got a job interview, but now what?

Prepare for Interviews

Be ready for potential interviews by researching the nursery, understanding their approach to childcare, and practising common interview questions related to early childhood education and childcare. Ask the nursery if there is anything they wish you to prepare prior to the interview, such as an activity.

Demonstrate Your Passion

During the interview, showcase your enthusiasm for working with children and emphasise your understanding of their needs, safety, and developmental stages.

Highlight Your Skills and Experience

Talk about any relevant experience, certifications or training you have related to childcare. Emphasise your ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, and handle challenging situations.

Remember to showcase any transferable skills you may have from previous jobs or experiences. The skills that are valuable for childcare include:

  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Patience
  • Empathy

Provide References

Offer professional references from previous employers, educators or individuals who can vouch for your qualifications and reliability.

Follow Up

Send a thank-you email or note after the interview to express your gratitude and reiterate your interest in the position. This demonstrates your professionalism and eagerness.

Be Flexible

Remember that finding the right fit is crucial for both you and the nursery, so focus on opportunities that align with your skills and goals.

How to Get a Job at a Nursery Without Qualifications

Getting into childcare without any qualifications or prior experience is possible, and there are steps you can take to start a career in this field. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Research and Understand the Field

Familiarise yourself with the childcare industry, its requirements, job roles, responsibilities, and the skills and qualities that are valued in this kline of work. Understand the importance of working with children and the regulations involved, especially around child protection.


Consider volunteering at local community centres or churches that work with children. This will provide you with valuable experience, demonstrate your interest in childcare and provide you with practical experience.

Obtain Necessary Certifications

Look into obtaining certifications that are highly regarded in the childcare field, such as a Paediatric First Aid or Safeguarding. These certifications demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of children.

Pursue Entry-Level Positions

Apply for entry-level positions within childcare, such as a nursery assistant or classroom helper. Many positions require minimal qualifications and if eligible can provide on-the-job training.

Consider Further Education

While not initially required, you may want to consider pursuing formal education or training in early childhood education or a related field to enhance your career prospects and qualifications over time.

Be Persistent and Patient

Finding a job in childcare may take time and persistence. Keep applying, attending interviews, and improving your qualifications and experience as you progress.

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