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South Croydon Nursery Ofsted Report for Abbey Wood Grange

Our Latest Ofsted Review

At our South Croydon Nursery, Abbey Wood Grange, we had an Ofsted Inspection in May 2015 and are very happy to report that the inspector reported that we have a great nursery and that we have a fantastic team of staff who all compliment each other. She found the staff welcoming and friendly and loved the activities going on in the nursery at the time of the visit. She said she could see that every child was captivated and enjoying their day at nursery. The inspector was so impressed with some of the ideas and activities she witnessed she said that she was going to take our ideas and spread them through other nursery schools she inspects.

All in all a great day and a resounding result. Thank you to all our parents who were interviewed and to our staff team who continue to offer an exception quality of care.

Read our latest report (May 2015) using the link below:

Ofsted Report

The Ofsted Inspection and criteria have changed since our last inspection.  

A new Common Inspection Framework

What it means: A new common inspection framework will be implemented across all settings including early years, FE settings and academies. In practice this means that all settings will receive graded judgements against the same areas. These will be:
• Effectiveness of leadership and management
• Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
• Personal development, behaviour and welfare
• Outcomes for children and learners.
Worth knowing: The new Common Inspection Framework and the handbooks will be published in the summer term 2015.

Short Inspections for ‘Good’ Providers
What it means: Ofsted will introduce shorter but more frequent inspections to ensure good standards are being maintained.
Worth knowing: Providers who have been judged as ‘good’ at their last inspection are likely to be re-inspected within three years.

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