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Nursery South Croydon - Our Childcare Facilities

Nursery South Croydon - Our Outdoor Childcare Facilities

At our South Croydon Nursery we have four large enclosed outside facilities including an excellent adventure playground, which allows the children plenty of outdoor play and learning opportunities.

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Nursery South Croydon Abbey Wood Grange


Top Playground

Nursery South Croydon children playing in the child care day nursery playground Abbey Wood Grange

Our top playground is equipped with a large variety of coupe cars, bikes and trundle toys for the children to play on.  We have some vibrant stimulating murals on the walls for thechildren to interact with whilst in role play.  We also have some playhouses and an open shed area for the children to park their fire engines and police cars in!  The children have access to many play resources as well as road safety opportunities.

Grassed Area/Sports Field

Nursery South Croydon Children playing in the grassed sports field area of abbey wood grange child care day nursery

We have a large grassed area where the children can run around and play with the wide range of sports and play equipment we have.  During the summer months football training takes place in this area for the budding Wayne(tte) Rooney's.  We also use this area for our Annual Sports Day.  Last year we were very lucky as we had the garden re-turfed and we now have lots of grass to play on.  In the springtime next year we will be introducing an outdoor classroom which will promote lots of outdoor learning and play opportunities for the children. 

Our Adventure Play Area

Nursery South Croydon children playing in the adventure play area of abbey wood grange childcare day nursery

This area is separate to the grassed area and is completely filled with rubber chippings for the children's safety.  This area houses various swings and slides and also a lovely pirate ship which the children adore as they can let their imaginations go wild.  We also have a sand pit for the children to enjoy.

Grass Decked Play Area

Nursery South Croydon a toddler playing in the decked grass area at abbey wood grange day care child nursery

We have a large outdoor grass decked area providing comfortable facilities for the children to play and learn.  This area can be used as an outdoor classroom environment for the children enabling them to have creative, messy and constructive play outdoors.  Co-operative play is encouraged within this area as this helps to develop the children's social skills.  On hot days it is an ideal area for water and sand play and also is ideal for outdoors story time.

Sensory Garden Area

Nursery South Croydon play area in abbeywoog grange child care day nursery sensory area

We have a sensory garden area for growing flowers and herbs, this area also houses items of interest including telescopes, bird and butterfly boxes and other sensory equipment where the children are able to broaden their senses and explore nature and wildlife.  We are particularly fond of raising real caterpillars and watching them eat and grow to form their chrysalis and then emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies. The children love feeding the butterflies in their observation habitat and then experience the thrill of releasing them into the wild.

Green House

Nursery South Croydon a child water plants at the green house

We have a small greenhouse in our garden where we are able to teach our children about nature and the environment.  We show the children a variety of seeds, bulbs and vegetables, and help them to understand more about planting them, and allowing them to grow some of their own. This gives children the responsibility for watering and observing the growth of their plants and a larger understanding of where fruit and vegetables come from and why we grow them.

Romp/Sensory Room


Our superb indoor romp/sensory room is suitable for all ages and has proved to be a blessing especially during the rainy periods.  The children are free to play in a safe soft play environment which has jungle murals and has it's own ball pool, where they are free to use their imaginations and create many fantasy worlds.  The room is equipped with a projector which projects visual images comprising of fire, under the sea, clouds and firework themes, excellent for learning about light and dark, shadows, colours and shapes and for experiencing environment changes.  Play is a vital part of a child's development - how to interpret, imagine, create, interact with others, explore, develop movement and dexterity skills, be fast, slow, loud, quiet, resourceful and so on.  It provides social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Nursery South Croydon ball pit of abbey wood grange child care day nursery

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Nursery South Croydon Abbey Wood Grange

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