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Abbey Wood Grange Nursery Pre School news and events

April 2017

Whats new for 2017.......

At Abbey Wood Grange we continually re invest into the nursery to ensure all the children flourish in a well maintained, well resourced environment. Fundraising events throughout the year povide us with additional opportunities to purchase specific equipment with 100% of all proceeds raised going towards nursery resources.

The Garden project

After much consideration and research, we have made the following additions to our gardens. The new features ensure we maximise our gardens and the learning opportunities available to all the children.

  • Alphabet wall murals to aid letter recognition
  • Telescopes on the decking area to aid knowledge of our environment and the world around us
  • Camouflage Den area on the decking to aid team building and social skills
  • Mud Kitchen on bottom playground to aid imaginative play and social skils
  • Construction zone on bottom playground complete with giant sandpit and building workshop to aid gross motor development and team work
  • Sound wall to aid creative development
  • Tipi Village complete with wigwam, woodland mirrors and weaving loom to aid sensory development and boost self esteem
  • Complete rejuvenation of the adventure playground, including new equipment and safety surface to aid physical development

Construction Zone


Nursery South Croydon Abbey Wood Grange

The Launch of Tapestry

Tapestry is a standalone application which records your child's development and allows parents and carers to access their child's individual learning journey from the comfort of their own home. Tapestry allows parents and carers to comment on observations written by their child's key worker as well as upload their own observations and photos.

The ability to continually share information, provides key workers with a further insight into a child's development, meaning children benefit from a tailor-made learning environment, where learning opportunities can be maximised.

Management have full control over access, ensuring all staff and parents can use Tapestry securely. Parents are provided with a unique activation code, you then have a week to download the Tapestry App, set up your own passcode and 4 digit pin. Parents can then view ONLY their child's Development Profile and see the observations we have created.

To find out more about Tapestry click here.


Extra-Curricular Lessons

This year we have introduced 2 new lessons, providing additional learning opportunities at no extra cost to the parents.

We currently offer the following extra curricular activities............

French is held every other Monday ( Term Time Only ) 9.30 - 11.00am, this is free and forms part of the curriculum for Pre-School.

Jumping Beans ( Music and Dance ) is held every other Tuesday 9.30 - 11.30am, this is free and forms part of the curriculum for the whole nursery.

Little Kickers ( Football ) is held on Wednesdays 10.45 - 11.30am and runs for 10 weeks per term. This is charged at a fee of £55 per term and is available for Tweenies and Pre-School. To find out more about Little Kickers cick here.

Sports Focus ( Gymnastics ) is held every other Thursday 10.30 - 11.30am, this is free and forms part of the curriculum for Tweenies and Pre-School.
To find out more about Sports Focus click here.

 music time

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