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Emergency Childcare South Croydon

Emergency Childcare South Croydon Emergency Childcare South Croydon - Emergency Places Available

What is Emergency Childcare........?

Emergency Childcare is where parents can access quality childcare either as a one off or for a short while without the commitment of joining a nursery.

Whether you have a course to attend, extra work commitments or your current childcare is unable to meet your additional childcare needs, emergency childcare could be your answer.

Emergency childcare offers total reassurance and peace of mind without the commitment as there is NO REGISTRATION FEE to pay.

How much is Emergency Childcare.......?

At Abbey Wood Grange we offer Emergency Childcare at the rate of....

£80.00   Full day

£50.00   8-1pm

£50.00   1-6pm

£10.00 per hour

How do I access Emergency Childcare.......?

To book Emergency Childcare you can email or call 0208 660 9040 informing us of dates and times required and we shall do our best to accomodate your needs.

Parents are asked to complete a registration and medicine consent form on their initial visit, providing us with essential details such as contact numbers.

Once you have accessed Emergency Childcare your file shall stay on record and if you require Emergency Childcare again we are only a phone call away.



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