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Day Nursery Croydon Father Christmas visit

A Christmas Visitor

Christmas at Abbey Wood Grange is an exciting time for the nursery and preparations for the festive season start as early as September.  In November our parent meeting area is transformed into a magical Christmas Grotto.  Lots of planning and preparation takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas and all the children are involved in the preparations which involve lots of glue and glitter.  Each year the design of the grotto has a different theme, and everything is kept secret until the opening day.
During the month of December we are visited on two occasions by Santa himself and he comes along to the nursery bringing gifts for all the children.  On the day of the visits some of the children show their excitement and others are a little apprehensive and a little afraid of the man in the bright red suit with lots of curly white hair, but their apprehension is soon over once they receive their present.

Here are some photo's of the children visiting the Grotto to see Santa

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